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Animals for Kids: safari PRO

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Welcome to the Thematica’s National Park! Ooops! It seems somebody hides in the Savanna. Let’s catch the tail! Oh, the animal is pretty curious; it’s not easy to trail it.The app will bring you to the Amazing African Savanna with glorious plant kingdom and marvelous wild animals. Your little explorer needs to be smart and fast in thinking to help all the savanna’s animalsGet your camera from the backpack and let’s make funny pictures of little turtles, dancing mongooses and wizing parrots. Animals are curious and you need to be very attentive and fast to make pictures.Look! Little sweet monkeys don’t want to sleep let’s help the mommy monkey nursing her little ones. Gadabout monkeys like little kids don’t want getting to bed so you should catch them. This is so cute.Now we come to the watering place and what do we see? Yeah, there are mommy elephant is trying to give a wash to her kids. Little elephants just swam at the dirty-dirty paddle. So they get sooo dirty! Let’s help mommy elephant.Let’s help to feed long-necked giraffe, colorful chameleon and handsome pelican. It’s so interesting ‘cause all the animals eat different foods.Also we’ll find a mommy ostrich. She can’t find her settings, let’s help her. It seems they are hidden under the sand. While helping mommy ostrich you’ll make her really happy.The app is really interesting and exciting. It has a lot of beautiful animations. Your kid will learn a lot about how wild savanna’s animal live. Features:-kid-friendly gameplay-9 mini games to play-interesting animations-learning through playing-teaching kids to love animals-showing amazing savanna’s world